We are descendants of original settlers, and live less than 10 miles from the Civic Center (30 minutes car-ride). Our state lies within the boundaries of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, at a point where the forest transitions into the patagonian steppe (eco-tono). We offer a guided tour on horseback, with exepctional views of the Patagonian steppe, Las Buitreras and Carbon mountains and the Ñirihuau river valley. The tour lasts approximately two hours. After crossing a large marsh we will go through a mixed forest that features many varieties of local flora such as ñire, retamo, palo piche, radal and lenga. We will then ascend to a ridge from wich we will enjoy breathtaking views.

After the ride we will treat you to a traditional Argentinian asado (barbecue). We promise that you will have an unforgettable day!

This tour has been authorized by the National Parks Administration and is conducted by certified guides. Liability and accident insurance is available.

Family Haneck

he Haneck name was brought to Bariloche by Don Herman Haneck, back in the 1890's, when he came as kitchen helper along with F.P. Moreno and the Limits Comission between Argentina and Chile. Inspite of his young age (and low rank) he got as part of his reward for his hard and adventurous work the lands wich are now ours. Since the beginings of last century and up until 1970, the lands were used for grazing cattle and sheep.

Herman Haneck was the first Haneck to arrive in Bariloche, but years later his father (also named Herman) came as well, and became the owner of the first flour mill in Bariloche. He worked hard to help the development of the city along with other pioneers, and even donated lands to build the German-Argentinian school Primo Capraro.

Now, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, heirs of this family tradition welcome you to share anecdotes and great food, along with the cordiality and warmth of our people and the breathtaking views of the Andes.


"Hola a todos! Los felicito por la nueva página esta buenísima! Que lindo lugar! Les dejo un abrazo enorme para todos los Haneck. Los quiero mucho y les deseo lo mejor siempre!!"

- Mauro Meier -

"Muchas gracias! Thanks for the excellent day. Thanks to the horses, the best behaved in all Southamerica. The food was spectacular. Thanks for the mate."

- Juana & Audrey (Ireland) -



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